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SRAN Data Safehouse

With All-in-One Solution in SRAN Data Safehouse, your WEBSITE will ALWAYS BE MONITORED AND SECURED. COST SAVING! No hardware and software needed.

Four Main Features of SRAN Data Safehouse :

Log Recorder for website
  • Record traffic data in real-time.
  • Data Archiving and Data Hashing.
  • Visualize web tracking technology to support IT forensics.
Website Statistics
  • Website usage statistics in real-time.
  • Usage statistics by period of time.
  • Invisible script option.
  • Visitor analysis : visitor paths, visit length, returning visit, recent visitor activity.
  • Keyword analysis & recent keyword activity.
  • Webpage analysis : popular page, entry page, exit page, came from etc.
  • Statistics of ISP, Browser, Operating System, Resolution.
  • Locate visitors by displaying map, IP address, name of ISP and organization with more than 2 million known organizations worldwide.
  • Ideal for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Website Monitoring & Intrusion Detection
  • Send e-mail alert and specify IP address/Location of offender, Date & Time and Type of Attack.
  • Record data and generate report to support IT forensics.
  • Realize website stability and Uptime/Downtime of the website.
  • Detect 14 types of Web Application Hacking :
    * Remote File Access Attempt* System Command Injection
    * Email Injection Attack* Injection of Undocumented ColdFusion Tags
    * Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Attack* LDAP Injection Attack
    * SQL Injection Attack* SSI Injection Attack
    * Blind SQL Injection Attack* PHP Injection Attack
    * Session Fixation* Backdoor Access
    * Persistent Universal PDF XSS Attack* System Command Access
Vulnerability Assessment for website
  • Realize all system risks and provide solution to fix.
  • Weekly do vulnerability assessment for website and generate report.
  • Website security guaranteed.
  • PCI DSS Compliance check.
Example Demo account
  • username: webid
    password: webid
If you're interested in the service, please contact sales@gbtech.co.th or calling 02-982-5445 for more information.


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